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Art Education Research Institute

Steering Committee





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Fiona Blaikie, Ph.D.
Professor of Art Education
Brock University
Research Specialization: Visual and Cultural Identity Constructs; Embodiment, Gender and Sexuality; Affect; Worlding; Research Creation; Autoethnography; Art and Modernism, Postmodernism, Posthumanism, New Materialism, and Transhumanism.
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Mira Kallio-Tavin, Ph.D.
Winnie Chandler Distinguished Professor of Art
University of Georgia

Research Specialization: Critical Artistic Research, Decolonialism, Disability Studies, Social Justice and Critical Animal Studies in Art Education

2023 Symposium Host and Program Director

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Ryan Shin, Ph.D.
Professor of Art and Visual Culture Education
University of Arizona
Research Specialization: Global Visual Culture, Critical Discourse on Minority Visual Culture, Global Civic Learning and Engagement, and New Media and Technologies in Art Education


Tyler D AERI.jpg
Tyler Deamead, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge
Director of Studies, Education Queens' College

Research Specialization: Critical whiteness studies, Cultural studies, Youth studies, Community-based arts education.

Editor and Lead Journal Liaison

Kimberly M. Sheridan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Art Education
George Mason University
Research Specialization: Teaching and Learning Through Making in K-12 Studio Classrooms and Museums Using Design-Based Research that Employs Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Learning Environments and Pedagogical Approaches that Address Social Needs
Joni Acuff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Arts Administration, Education & Policy
The Ohio State University
Research Specialization: Critical Multicultural Art Education; Critical Race Theory in Art Education; Community-Based Art Education; Culturally Responsive Art Teaching, Pedagogy, and Curriculum Development
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Michelle Bae-Dimitriadis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art Education
The Pennsylvania State University
Research Specialization:
Youth Culture (Girl Culture) and Media, Community Based Art Education, Multicultural Feminist Art Education, Critical Place-based curriculum.
Jeffrey Broome, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Art Education
Florida State University
Research Specialization: Narrative inquiry and case study research methods; culturally responsive instruction; multi-age art education; and caring approaches to art curricula.
Juan Carlos Castro, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Concordia University
Research Specialization: Mobile and Social Media in Art Education
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Cala Coats, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of
Art and Education
Arizona State University
Research Specialization: Post-Studio Art Education, Radical Pedagogy, Embodied Inquiry, Curriculum Theory
Dónal O'Donoghue, Ph.D.
Professor of Art Education
The National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland
Research Specialization: Art-Led Research and Scholarship; Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practices; Masculinities and Schooling; Philosophy of Art and Education
Rachel Fendler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of
Art Education

Florida State University

Research Specialization: CVisual Studies, Informal Learning, Arts Based Research, Participatory Research, Spatial Practices of Young People
Kerry Freedman, Ph.D.
Professor, Art + Design Education
Northern Illinois University
Research Specialization: Curriculum Theory; Visual Culture Studies; Critical Pedagogy; Student Learning through Art
Ami Kantawala, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor/Lecturer
Teachers College, Columbia University; Boston University
Research Specialization: Historical Research
Karen Keifer-Boyd, Ph.D.
Professor of Art Education and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
The Pennsylvania State University
Research Specialization: Feminist Pedagogy; Including Difference; Feminist Disabilities; Visual Culture Curricula; Cyberart Activism; Transcultural Dialogues; Action Research; Social Justice Arts-Based Research; Creativity as a Transdiciplinary Social Process; Distributed Leadership
Aaron Knochel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art Education
The Pennsylvania State University
Research Specialization: Critical Digital Making; Software Studies; New Media; Participatory Frameworks; Transdisciplinarity; Social Theory
Associate Professor of Art and Visual Culture Education
University of Arizona
Research Specialization: Sociocultural Foundations; Race in Art Education; Teacher Identity and Agency; Arts-based Pedagogies
Amelia (Amy) Kraehe, Ph.D.
amy-8145 copy.jpg
Tyson Lewis_edited.jpg
Tyson E. Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor of Art Education
University of North Texas
Research Specialization: Critical Theory, Critical Phenomenology, Posthuman and Postanimal Phenomenology, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy for Children, Research Creation, Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics
Powell_Kimberly College photo.jpeg
Kimberly Powell, Ph.D.
Professor of Education, Art Education, Music Education, & Asian Studies
Director of Graduate Studies, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction

Penn State University
Research Specialization: 
Arts in/as social change; cultural and community-based art education; public art pedagogy and critical place-based education; educational anthropology; qualitative methodology such as ethnogrpahy, experimental qualitative inquiry, research-creation, and arts-based research.
JHRolling New SAL headshot.jpg
James Haywood Rolling Jr., Ph.D.
Chair and Professor of Art Education
Syracuse University
Research Specialization: Art + Design Education, Creative Leadership, Arts-Based + Narrative Research Methods, Social Justice + Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Community-Engaged Scholarship, and Creative Placemaking. 
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Christopher M. Schulte, Ph.D.

Endowed Associate Professor of Art Education, Assistant Director of the School of Art, Founder + Director of the Center for the Study of Childhood Art
Research Specialization: Childhood Art, Drawing in Childhood, Children’s Culture, Childhood Studies, Research with Children
Laura Trafi-Prats, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education
Manchester Metropolitan University
Research Specialization: Childhood Studies; Visual Ethnographies; Arts-Based Research
Robert W. Sweeny, Ph.D.
(He, Him, His)
Kevin Tavin, Ph.D.
Tavin Edit.png
Professor of Art Education
Program Coordinator, Art Education

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Research Specialization: Digital Visual Culture, Digital Media, Post-digital Making, Post-internet Art, Digital Dysfunction, Network Theory.
Professor of International Art Education
Aalto University, Finland
Research Specialization: Visual Culture, Critical Pedagogy, Cultural Studies, Psychoanalytic Theory, and Post-Digital and Post-Internet Art and Education
Travis, Sarah-AERI-Photo.jpg
Sarah Travis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of
Art Education

University of Illinois

Research Specialization: Identity, Critical Pedagogy, Reflective Practice, Phenomenology, Arts-Based Research
Gloria J. Wilson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture Education
University of Arizona
Research Specialization: Cultural Studies, Racial Identity, Arts Participation and Equity, Arts-Based Research
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