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Save the Date for AERI Friday Dialogues!

Join us for the Friday Dialogues, a series of engaging discussions held:
Fridays in May at 12pm EST via Zoom

5/10 Intersectionality Studies in Art Education (Chair: Ryan Shin)
5/17 Relationalities, Entanglement, Affect (Chairs: Laura Trafi-Prats & Kevin Tavin)
5/31 Civic Engagement: Public Pedagogy and Activism (Chair: Rachel Fendler)

2024 Annual Symposium

September 19-21

Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge

Cambridge UK

(w/ option to participate virtually)

Click here for the call for proposals.

The deadline has now passed.

2024 Schedule (tbd)
2024 Travel + Lodging (tba)

The Art Education Research Institute (AERI) supports critical, systematic, empirical, and theoretical research and scholarship, which addresses key intellectual and practical issues in the field of art education.  AERI seeks to promote a broad range of rigorous research practices and methodologies drawn from the arts, humanities, and social sciences to improve inquiry related to teaching and learning in and through the visual arts.

The Art Education Research Institute (AERI), an autonomous, non-profit, and virtual institute comprised of higher educators actively involved in the production of research and scholarship in visual arts education that takes a position against racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and other systems of oppression. AERI is committed to examining and actively challenging the many socio-cultural, institutional, and interpersonal ways that discrimination occurs. Moreover, AERI is committed to continuous reflection on inclusive practices in the design, implementation, presentation of research, participation in programs, symposia or in the publication and distribution of materials associated with AERI’s mission.

AERI Bulletin

2024 AERI Symposium Sponsors

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AERI Brief History and Research Clusters

AERI Position Papers and Articles

Inspired from Symposia

Research & Scholarship in Visual Arts Education

The Art Education Research Institute (AERI) is an autonomous, virtual institute comprised of higher educators who are actively involved in the production of research and scholarship in visual arts education. 


Founded in 2014, AERI aims to advance higher education research and scholarship opportunities and quality in visual arts education; enhance the capacity of emerging and practicing scholars and researchers to conduct and disseminate visual arts education inquiry and knowledge; promote diversity in research issues, questions, contexts and methodologies; and encourage civil criticality and sustained engagement with research and scholarship in visual arts education.






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